About Us!

Our company takes a lifetime passion for responsibly using the earth's resources and combines it with an extensive knowledge of promotional products marketing.

We take great care to offer you the right products for the right reason. We have diligently searched for product manufacturers, who are both, committed to providing the best quality products and doing so in an earth friendly way.

Contact us and let us take care of you. You will join with others who wouldn't think of using anyone else.

Wes Wade

Sales & Marketing Director

Going Green Promotions is about promoting business through the use of earth friendly marketing items. If your company or organization would like to be more aware of how to market in a responsible, environmentally friendly manner, we can help.

We offer a whole variety of ways to grow your business and get your message out. We encourage "Green' ideas, but will help you with your promotional projects, regardless of whether or not you choose those ideas.

Janet Wade


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Customer Comments!

"Hi Wes,

The event went fantastic.  We ended up raising around $9,000 for Michelle and her family!  There were several compliments on the t-shirts and the extra shirts sold out completely and very quickly.  If we ever do this again I will remember how well the shirts went over with everyone and I will also try to order more!  You guys really did a great job.  The shirts, the service, the quick email responses...it's all much appreciated.  Thank you and have a great week."

Jessie M., Cape Girardeau, MO